Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Splurge! #lowcarb

I haven't had a splurge in I-don't-know-HOW-long, but this weekend was it. And it was because we ate out more than usual. And if you've been reading my blog long, you know that my will power flies out the window at restaurants - sad, but true. So typically we only go to restaurants on Fridays for the fish fry a local eatery has. And I make no bones about enjoying it, especially since doing so has no effect on my weight - as long as it's just that once a week.

This weekend I not only went to the fish fry on Friday, but Saturday was the day we went to the city for our "big grocery shopping" for the month and went to a Chinese buffet for lunch; Sunday was the monthly potluck at church; Monday we stopped at a local restaurant on the way home from the Independence Day festivities over at our county seat, starved and not wanting to wait until we got home and took the time to prepare a proper meal.

4 splurges in 4 days is too much and I feel lousy. I'm up a few pounds on the scale but don't care so much about that as I do how I feel: logy, addle-headed, mildly achy and headachy...

So between now Friday evening's fish fry, I'm going all-out low-carb/mod.protein/high fat. NO grains, not even my Lowcarb Lovely Loaf, and of course no sugar. Butter and coconut oil on everything. This morning I had 2 eggs fried in butter with some shredded colby-jack cheese on top, and a generous dollop of full-fat sour cream. Lunch will be a huge chicken leg quarter that I baked this weekend, it has lots of fat deposits around the skin. And I have a box of frozen 100% angus beef burgers (not cheap!) in the freezer, I will fry them all up and put them in the fridge for some quick meals - reheated with butter and/or sour cream on top will be great! Lowcarb vegetables loaded up with butter and/or olive oil, and salads with shrimp or tuna...these will be my meals between now and Friday evening.

If I'm not back to normal after all of that, then I'll stick to it until I am. 'Cause this just ain't right!

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