Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Deliciously Simple #Lowcarb Day!

Because we were saving up for our anniversary celebration trip I didn't do a big grocery shopping in August. Besides, if you've read my blog for long, you already know that I keep a good stock of foods on hand so that I can "shop" each day for whatever meals we are in the mood for - or have the time to make. At any given time I have a minimum of several weeks' worth of frozen meats and vegetables; once a month I fill in gaps in my stock and buy sale items to add, and several times a month I fill in with fresh produce and dairy.

So I didn't do a bigger monthly shopping in August, and didn't even do any smaller shopping trips the week before the trip. As a result we are getting low on our stock and have had to be very creative to make our meals until I get a chance to do a BIG shopping on Saturday...

I'm not into breakfast, as I've mentioned...but late mornings I start to get hungry. Today I had to really dig around to figure something out for a quick and easy meal for Pete and I. I ended up with some chicken breast strips (it is ALWAYS a great idea to keep a few pounds of chicken breast - bought on sale, cut into strips, roasted, and frozen - for last-minute meals!) and a bag of broccoli/cauli/carrots. I tossed those together with a partial bottle of salad dressing from the back corner of the bottom shelf of the this case, a balsamic vinaigrette...and heated it all through. It was simple, quick, cheap, and delicious!

Suppertime I used a few "fabricated" black angus beef patties that had been in the freezer for a while, and fried those in a little olive oil on my griddle. I also sliced up our first tomato from our tomato plant (this is the first time we've grown anything, we just had a single tomato plant and are just now starting to get a few tomatoes) into 4 chunks, and threw those onto the griddle also. Then I made these - and they were AMAZING! Saved the whole meal, really. They don't have a chewy bready texture, but I thought they were rather like a cross between garlic breadsticks and crispy hash brown patties. Hard to describe, but absolutely delicious! They were easy, but not cheap at about $4 for the 6 sticks, so I'm not sure how often I will make them. But I was very pleasantly surprised!

And this evening I'm about to make one of my Lovely Loaf bread loaves, that I use for Pete's sandwiches for work. I rarely buy lunch meat because of all the junk in it, but Eckrich bologna was on sale for 59c/package a few weeks ago so I bought 4 packages, 3 are still in the freezer. Thankfully it's only 2 more days until I shop!

We can do this, we can make it through the day tomorrow, we will make it through Saturday! :)

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