Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yeah, it's been a month. I sort of took a week-by-week hiatus from blogging altogether. It was a busier month than I can recall in recent history, and anything internet-related (Facebook, email, blogging, games) had to take a back seat to real life. I did well all month, made some really tasty dishes - and thought, "I need to blog this recipe!" but then of course real life took over again and I didn' worries, there are plenty more where those came from :). Then over Labor Day weekend my husband and I went to Marquette, MI for a few days to celebrate our anniversary. My meals in all of the restaurants ran the gamut from spinach salads to hamburgs and onion rings. The good thing was that the lovely motel where we stayed had a nice breakfast buffet, and every morning had real eggs, meat, and melon among the many offerings. We only ate one other meal each day, in the late afternoon, so that helped...but did have snacks in our room that definitely were not lowcarb. (I don't have a big sweet tooth but a bag of fritos turns my knees to jelly!) So I'm up 7# and that'll take a couple of weeks of really low carb and really high fat to get back off - but it was worth it, and I don't feel badly about it at all. Plus I got a lot more exercise that I do at home, which was awesome because now I CAN do just about anything I want to do, compared to the last few years when I was so sick! So things should settle back down again now, I've missed blogging (in all 3 of my blogs) and it feels GOOD!

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