Monday, October 31, 2011

Messin' With My TooGood #Lowcarb Wraps Recipe

I knew I couldn't improve on those wraps I made for camping a few weeks ago (if you click on the title of this entry it will take you to that recipe) but I was wrong. I am out of oat flour but had some rye flour which is only slightly more carbohydrate, but not enough per flatbread for me to worry about. Because I didn't want a really heavy rye flavor I also added an extra drop of sweetener.

OH YEAH, BABY!! Just sayin'....HAPPY MOUTH!!

(The oat flour I had contained 54gN/cup - the rye flour contains 68gN/cup...I used 1/2c, some in the recipe and some for dusting/kneading/rolling, and divided by 16 - 1.7gN vs. 2.1gN - the difference is negligible per flatbread.)

Everything else is the same. I'm thinking I need to buy a tortilla press though - or ask for one for Christmas. The standing and rolling out of them all is hard on my back...but WORTH IT! :)

Tonight we had hot dogs in my wraps (I had 2) plus I made rutabaga fries, tossed with olive oil and seasoned with onion and chili powders. Great supper!

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