Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Month of #Lowcarb Grocery Costs! Jan. 2012 week #1

Today was the first time I bought any food for this month, so I figured I may as well make this another month of food budget "reporting".

18 eggs - $1.75
Juice (for grandson) - $2.88
Drink Mix (their brand of Crystal Light, makes 6 half-gallon pitchers - $1.98
(2) half gallons half'n'half @ $3.58 each - $7.16
quart heavy whipping cream - $3.78
SUBTOTAL - $17.55

2.3# chuck roast - $7.57
(2) frozen pizzas @ $2.49 = $4.98
24 pack of water bottles - $2.99
loaf of "light" bread - $2.50
(2) cans diced tomatoes @ $0.63 - $1.26
20 oz. turkey "ends & pieces" - $1.69
5# russet potatoes - $2.29
SUBTOTAL - $23.28

TOTAL for the week: $40.83

A couple of comments:

1 - This is the first time I've bought bread in MONTHS. Don't even remember the last time. I'm sick, and have been for nearly a week, and not up to making bread right now; plus I desperately need to put in a order so I can be making loaves again, but with car problems right now every extra penny is going to resolve that. At this point, buying a loaf of boughten bread (7gN/slice) is the least of my concerns. (I don't eat this at all, by the way.)

2 - We buy these frozen pizzas regularly. They are about 100gN per pizza. My husband isn't trying to lose weight, and that is his maximum carb allowance for the day; he eats a whole one, I can eat part of one. I'm kind of tired of messing around with low carb pizza crusts, too, and they'll never taste like the real thing even though some are ok. So without apology we eat these a couple of times a month.

I have some food in my freezer now, a few 1# packages of ground chuck, some bacon, some chicken leg quarters, a pork roast that will be good for several meals, some pork chops, some fish, and lots of vegetables that I've been picking up on sale here and there. We have our big freezer in the garage unplugged, and are keeping only what will fit here in the house now, as another savings measure. (Without the freezer or the big energy hog TV we used to watch last year, we're hoping to see some savings this winter.) So I'm not starting off from bare bones, except in the baking goods department. But I make do, even though I don't have everything I need to make everything I want, I can pretty much figure out a way of creating most things until I can get a order in.

Next week my husband has an appointment in a city where there is an Aldi's. They are less expensive on many things than Sav-a-Lot, so I will do some minor stocking up and that will be my shopping for week #2 this month...unless I see a great sale on meat that I can't pass up of course :).

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