Monday, January 2, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies #lowcarb #recipe

Oh yeah, these are great! Nutty and chocolate-y...bad me, though, I didn't measure anything as I was going along, so these measurements are approximate but pretty close! If your dough seems too thin, add more flours; if it's getting too thick as you add your flours, skimp a little.

1/4c softened butter
1/4c softened coconut oil
1/2c granulated splenda
1/4c granulated brown sugar sub
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
dash salt
2-1/2c flours*
1/2c chocolate chips**

* I used 1/2c oat fiber, 1/2c polydextrose, 1/2c coconut flour, 1/2c pecan flour, & 1/2c walnut flour; you could almost certainly use the low carb flours of your choice; I was going for a nutty flavor so I didn't use almond flour which is very mild.

** the package claimed 7gN of carbs per 20 chocolate chips; I used 80, which was just shy of a half-cup.

Followed the usual cookie-making procedures: creaming butter/sugar, adding vanilla, then the next 3 ingredients, then the flours, and finally the chocolate chips.

Baked at 350 until they were done (according to my nose).

These aren't heavy (because I used so much baking powder/soda no doubt); I could have omitted the dash salt because I used salted butter and of course the baking soda is salty, but I like the combination of salty/sweet flavors in my mouth and wanted to make sure I tasted that salty flavor.

I got 43 cookies. I didn't do the math, and always recommend people do their own carb counts rather than depend on anyone else's numbers anyway. I know for the chocolate chips alone are about 1.5 per cookie, so I'm guessing around 2gN per, or slightly more...but do your own math :).

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