Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bad News for the Grocery Budget! #lowcarb

This is a prime example of why I don't like going to the store too often. But as I've mentioned, I'm sick with a nasty miserable virus (the doc told me yesterday this one lasts THREE WEEKS! I'm on day 8, and was down with vertigo a couple of weeks ago) so I'm not doing the shopping/cooking like I usually would, depending on hubby who does a good job but not like I do it. And I'm over my $200 budget for the month already. I won't beat myself over the head about it, and some months - when I'm stocking up on a big meat sale, for example - I go over and don't give it a 2nd thought, and some months - like last month - I'm under budget. But this month it happened just because I didn't do a big shopping with my coupons or shop the sales, and this is the result. Hopefully you can at least learn from it :).

Sav-a-Lot (now that I've gone to Aldi's a few times, I'm really hating paying SaL's high prices!)

(3) pkgs shredded cheese @ $3.19 ea (4 oz smaller & $0.20c more than Aldi's)
(2) quarts half'n'half @ $1.99 ea ($0.20c more than Aldi's)
(2) lbs. butter @ $2.39 ea ($0.10 more than Aldi's)
(1) 4.54# whole chicken $4.40
(2) frozen pizzas (!) @ $1.79 ea
(1) 24 oz. fish $3.19
(100 ct.) sugar sub $1.19
(4) bags salad mix @ $0.29 each ($1 off each)
5# potatoes $2.29

TOTAL $34.34

TOTAL for month so far $207.24

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