Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WOOHOO! The Cupboards are full! #lowcarb shopping

Things were getting a little bare in my freezer, so I finally had to put everything else aside, bite the bullet, and go shopping! This first week in March I seriously needed to do some stocking up of just about everything (and still need to place a couple of online orders!), so it will be a big month for our food bill. It isn't often that I need to stock up on everything in the same month - thank God!

I started out at Steve's Country Market in Harrison, MI - LOVE that store! - where I spent $82.02 on over 33# of meat: chicken leg quarters were 79c/lb, pork chops (good fatty ones!) were $1.89/lb, bacon (ends and pieces, with LOTS of good big chunks!) was $2.19/lb, both tilapia and catfish were $1.99/lb, and the chuck roast was $3.19/lb! Overall, I paid less than $2.50/lb for my meats...and it's all (except the fish) FRESH and better than anything I can find in a local grocery store!

Then we went over to Cadillac where we enjoyed lunch at our favorite restaurant, and went to Meijer and GFS.

(2) rutabagas $1.73 ($0.79/lb)
6.62# squash $6.66 (lots of zucchini/yellow squash, 1 butternut @ $0.99/lb)
(1) daikon $3.18 ($1.39/lb)
(2) bundles of fresh asparagus $2.27 ($0.99/lb)
TOTAL - $13.73

3# pollock "fish sticks" (for grandson) $6.99
(3) 2# frozen cauliflower $8.97
(2) 2.5# bags whole green beans $5.98
(1) 5# bag peanuts in the shell $8.99
(1) 2# frozen broccoli florets $3.79
(1) 2# frozen chopped spinach $2.99
TOTAL - $37.71

Then yesterday we had to go to Saginaw for an appointment, so we stopped at Aldi's for another big "stocking up" trip:
(2) 24 oz cottage cheese @ $2.29 ea
(2) 11.3 oz decaf coffee @ $2.79 ea
(1) 33.9 oz regular coffee $5.49
(4) 1# butter quarters @ $2.29 ea
(1) big can crushed tomatoes $0.99*
(5) cans diced tomatoes @ $0.59 ea*
(3) cans beans @ $0.55 ea*
(1) 16 oz processed american cheese slices $0.99
(1) 16 oz swiss cheese slices $1.79
1.87 lb ground beef $6.13*
(6) small cans mushrooms @ $0.59 ea
(2) 8 oz cream cheese @ $1.19 ea
(3) 15 oz sour cream @ $1.29 ea
(6) quarts half'n'half @ $1.79 ea
(1) 8 oz. can parm cheese $2.39
(4) bags pork rinds @ $0.89 ea
(1) jar mayo @ 2.19
(1) 100 ct sweet'n'low (their own brand) $1.19
(2) big bars dark chocolate @ $1.49 ea.
*I'll be making a big potful of chili for hubby and grandson (I don't care for it.)
TOTAL $72.15

So, the first week of March I've spent $205.61. By the time I place my online order for baking supplies I will probably be at, or above, the $300 mark, and will also need odds and ends between now and the end of March.

IMPORTANT POINT: Comparing last month's many mini-trips and how much they cost with this month's planned shopping, I've already gotten a LOT more food even though I've spent less so far.


  1. Are you near a walmart? I have been pricematching on veggies and getting some really good deals. I just got some cauliflower for 1$ a head and asparagus for 97c a bunch. I could not pass up the red bell peppers (yes, I know they are a little on the sweet side but they are a weakness of mine!) for 3/1$.

    1. Yes, we do have a Walmart in our small town, and they do have some good buys on occasion :). Those are some GREAT prices you got, really really great! Thanks for writing!