Saturday, October 27, 2012


You know I love to shop...and it's been about 7 weeks since I last did a big shopping, which I think was on September 8th - almost positive in fact. We haven't had to do any little grocery trips since then either, although of course have stopped for half'n'half when we've run out, and I did go to Bart's (produce) a couple of times and Aldi's once...but my last BIG Shopping Event was a long time ago...

Anyway, it was past due time, we had eaten our last package of meat and were down to just a couple partial bags of frozen veggies and half a box of Dreamfield's spaghetti.

And yesterday was our shopping day! I love seeking out the bargains, stopping at nearby thrift stores, lunch out, and most of all spending the whole day with my husband! We went to Steve's, my favorite meat store in the world, the Sav-a-Lot down in Harrison near Steve's (the Sav-a-Lot in our town could be renamed Spend-a-Lot and be more accurate), then on to Midland to go to Kroger's for their 10 for $10 sale, to Gordon's for the big bags of frozen vegetables, and finally to Meijer for daikon - and I was thrilled that they still had some delicata squash left! It is my favorite, and I hadn't seen any for sale anywhere since last month. I bought their last 4. We also picked up some Orville's because the last time we looked for it at Walmart they were out, and Orville's is the best of the best popcorn - half as much unpopped makes just as much popped as other brands.

We spent roughly $206. Of that, $108.89 was for meat:
- boneless pork loin @ $2.19/lb which they sliced free - I always get 3/4" slices
- 10 chicken leg quarters @ 59c/lb
- a boneless ham (without a bunch of junk in it!) for $1.99/lb
- a small slice of steelhead for $5.99/lb
- 10 polish sausages @ $1.78/lb
- about 5# of bacon @ $2.49/lb (Steve's has really wonderful fresh bacon!)
- country style pork chops for $1.49/lb
- 5# of ground beef for $2.29/lb (72/28)
- a whole NY strip loin (they sliced into 17 steaks, 3/4" each) @ $2.99/lb.
The meat averaged $2.22/lb, and it's high-quality meat too...I believe that's a great value by anybody's standards!

For fresh produce I just got the daikon, some tomatoes, some onions, a big napa cabbage, and the squashes. Frozen veggies - $28.20 - were broccoli, cauliflower, a vegetable blend, brussels sprouts, and whole green beans. They didn't have as much of a selection as some of the other GFS stores do, just one freezer section and most usually have two. But I got multiple packages.

I got mostly dairy at Kroger, so we have plenty of sour cream (YUM!) and cheeses. Plus some SF pudding mixes since the only ones we can get locally are chocolate and vanilla unless I want to pay over $1.00 for a small box of the name brand - which I most certainly do not! But I was able to get butterscotch and lemon, and only 59c for the Kroger brand.

And that was the food part of our day out shopping yesterday! I just love when I open the fridge and freezer and they're full...such a great feeling!


  1. Wow! You did great. How long will those groceries last?

    I've been enjoying popcorn as an evening snack but I found this morning that my blood sugar was too high and I think it's because I had a second bowl. Phooey!

    Do you use milk in your SF puddings? I tried using coconut milk and it didn't thicken up. Any suggestions?

    Also, do you use the psyllium husks for anything other than the bread?

  2. I'm going to say it will probably last about 6 weeks although I do little mini trips once a week, where I buy some fresh produce, half'n'half, butter, whatever; these little trips amount to about $15-25 each.

    I have used coconut milk and it set up ok for me...if I have heavy cream I use that mixed half and half with water for pudding; I always have half'n'half in the house and often use that for pudding too, often mixed with some water.

    I am pleased that popcorn doesn't seem to affect me, nor does white rice - although I don't check my blood sugar, but do weigh myself every day and will gain a pound or 2 of weight (water no doubt, since it is gone in a day of high-fat eating) after eating a carby meal. This doesn't worry me, as I said it is gone in a day or 2, and also I'm not concerned with weight loss most of the time.

    I haven't used psyllium husks for anything else, but will be making these rolls about twice a week, no doubt, so I'll be going through the husks more quickly now!