Monday, October 22, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - Oct. 21-22 & Today's Easy Bread Recipe

(Just a reminder that this blog will be moving to its new home at the end of this year.)

Yesterday before church we had some good breakfast sandwiches. Using Maria's sub buns recipe, they were loaded with bacon, eggs, and cheese. This bread plus all the high-fat ingredients are REALLY filling. We didn't get hungry again for the rest of the day.

For supper yesterday I broiled the last of the steaks from the freezer so I'd have leftovers, and reheated the leftover squash and roasted cauliflower to go with it. Very good.

Today's lunch was toasted one-minute bread (my version below), heavily buttered, and topped with diced smoked sausage and fried eggs.

Supper will be a couple of onions, chopped and fried in olive oil/butter, a bunch of mushrooms, and the leftover steak, cubed. Will toss it with some full-fat sour cream for my favorite sauce/gravy, and serve it over mashed potatoes. Being sick, I want comfort foods.

Yes, I said mashed potatoes. When I find them cheap, I buy packets of instant potatoes, which sit in my cupboard for months at a time. Then once in a while I use some of them. There are 4 servings @ 16gN each; I will eat one serving. The carbs are definitely worth it to me when I'm sick and want comfort food with very little effort! Who wants to make fauxtatoes when they're sick, anyway?

Now, my version of one-minute bread which is actually closer to 5 minutes when I make it for 2 people (or make 4 slices) but worth it!
2 eggs
2T full-fat sour cream
3 drops EZ Sweetz (I like the sweetness of the bread in the same way I used to like the sweetness of Ritz crackers.)
1/4c CarbQuik
1/4c fine almond flour
2T golden flax meal
1 tsp. baking powder
I thoroughly mix together the eggs, sour cream, and sweetener until smooth; in another bowl I whisk together the dry ingredients until well-blended. Then I mix the dry into the wet, and pour it into a greased pyrex loaf pan; then I nuke it on high for 3 minutes, turn out onto a cooling rack, and slice into 4 slices.
It is good as-is, but I really love it toasted...with lots of butter!

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  1. Hey that bread sounds good! I'm looking for an easy bread recipe. Hopefully I'll get to try this soon!