Thursday, November 8, 2012

Low Carb Boredom - Meal Ideas - Nov.4-8

The week has gotten away from me! So I don't remember which day we had what. I do now that we went out to eat one day...Monday maybe? One day we had hamburgers and sweet potato medallions for lunch, then roasted pork country ribs with brussels sprouts for supper. One meal was simply Dreamfield's pasta with a simple sauce. Another meal was roasted chicken quarters with sweet potato medallions (trying to use my sweet potatoes!). Last night's supper was pork tenderloin slices browned in my big Farberware electric chicken fryer, then added chopped onions and cabbage, S&P of course, and let it all simmer in there for about an hour; the pan juices were more than adequate, although I did sprinkle some balsamic over it all for the last few minutes.

And that's about what we've been eating this week. Today we ate out at a buffet for late lunch/early supper so will probably have just a light snack this evening...popcorn or something. But Coyle's has their senior buffet for lunch on Thursdays, $5.50 for all we can eat (I don't eat that much but hubby can really pack it away - lol!) and now that we're down to one income for the winter, that will probably replace our weekly Friday night fish fry date.

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