Sunday, November 4, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - Oct.30-Nov.3

Big clump of time covered in this post! But it won't be too bad actually. Because Tues., 10/30 I was gone all day, ate just one meal and that was at a Chinese Buffet.

Wed., 10/31 was also gone all day, but I took we took food with us so we wouldn't have to spend any money: Ham/cheese/lettuce/mayo sandwich on Maria's sub rolls, string cheese, cinnamon cookies (homemade), and sunflower seeds for snacks.

I was pretty miserable on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. My arthritis (spine, hips, knees, foot) was awful and I had full-body aches, vertigo, and a rotten headache. I didn't do much those days, but I can recall a couple of day we had salads with ham, tomatoes, cheese, and ranch dressing for lunch, and roasted chicken leg quarters with sweet potato medallions for supper. One day we had salads for supper, and hot dogs and hamburger (no buns) for lunch. One day we had broiled NY strips with some sort of vegetable (which one I don't recall).

So we've been eating ok, all is well, and definitely not bored with our meals.

The cookies I made for our trip on Wednesday I didn't write down how I made them, but I used mostly almond flour with some coconut flour, 4 eggs, a half-stick of butter, a lot of cinnamon, some baking powder and a spoonful of sour cream to work with it, some brown sugar sub, a few drops of liquid sucralose, and I think that's about it. They were very good, not too sweet (we don't like really sweet anymore) and wonderful with coffee!

Today I have some steaks out of the freezer thawing for supper, and plan to pan-fry some daikon and onions with it, and probably some green beans also. But that's just a guess; I may change my mind when I actually get into the kitchen! Not sure what's for lunch, am about to go into the kitchen and rustle something up :).

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