Thursday, February 18, 2010

#Lowcarb Recipe: Enchilada Bake

Last recipe post for the day - and probably for the week :). This is one I threw together because I had an intense craving for Mexican food. It's maybe a little carbier than some of the others but was definitely worth it - and tasted even better reheated the next day!

I put some enchilada (carb-cheap! who knew?) in the bottom of an 8x8 baking dish, then a low carb tortilla onto which I'd spread some refried beans, then sprinkled a handful of shredded cheese on it and spooned some sauce over; then another tortilla, a layer of crumbled ground beef that had been browned with chopped onion, cheese, and sauce; another tortilla/beans/cheese/sauce; another tortilla/beef/cheese sauce; and a final tortilla with beans, then sauce again, and topped it with a big handful of shredded cheese. Baked it in the oven at 350 for 25 minutes, or until the cheese started to brown on top, then served it with a generous heap of full fat sour cream on top.

This was EXCELLENT! The photo below shows one serving, or 1/8 of the entire recipe. I haven't figured up the carbs yet because I threw away the cans for the beans and the sauce without thinking but I will be buying more. Certainly the tortillas (7gN each) and the beans were the carbiest parts, and if I had to try to remember what the cans listed for net carbs, and do the math in my head, I'd say there were close to 100gN in the entire recipe, plus the sour cream...but that's 8 portions, so only 12-13 per portion, plus sour cream. But that could be way wrong :). I'll check when I go to Sav-a-Lot tomorrow.

Here's a photo, you can see that the servings are plenty big!


  1. I wouldn't have thought that refried beans would be carb friendly? Learn something new from you everyday. :)

  2. Refried beans aren't considered low carb by most, typically. IIRC there wew 36gN in the whole can, plus a lot of fiber - don't recall exactly how much. And enough fat that evwn I, high fat maven, was suitably impressed :). But 36gN divided into 8 servings adds less than 5gN per, plus some fat, a little protein, a "mexican food" mouth feel, and a whole lotta flavor. Definitely worth thhe extra carbs to me :).

  3. If you want really low carb beans, look for Eden Organic's canned black soy beans (which aren't really black, but a reddish brown); they have 1 gram of effective carbs per half cup serving - 8 grams of carbs, 7 grams of fiber. I keep this on hand in my pantry at all times. It makes an awesome bean dip (with some garlic, cilantro, tomato paste, chipotles in adobo, salsa, and a little cumin and oregano).

  4. Hi Donna!
    Yes I've used those when I can find them :). However hubby doesn't like me to use soy anything, so I try to stay away from it. If regular refried beans would push me over the day on my carb count, however, I would make this dish on another day.

    This is the first time I've bought/used refried beans in nearly 6 years!