Friday, February 19, 2010

What I 8 Today (2/19) #lowcarb

Yogurt for breakfast, snacked on some Veggie Straws while watching an early afternoon movie, and broiled steak with buttered broccoli and a little shredded cheese on top for supper.

A note about Veggie Straws: Yeah, they're kinda carby, at 14gN per 38 straws. I measured out 50 straws into a bowl and count it as 20gN; 50 straws will fill exactly even with the top of one of my bowls, so that makes it convenient and I don't count every time.

By all means, if you are trying to lose weight eating low carb, don't eat these things. The carbs are almost pure starch. They don't make me gain but if I were wanting to lose, they'd definitely stop my weight loss, no matter how few I ate. Be warned.

(As my occasional reminder, I'm not eating to lose weight at present, although I seem to be losing anyway, albeit very slowly - 18# last year according to my doctor - but I do try to keep my daily net carb allowance to 40-50gN/day. Most days it's less, some days it's more, occasionally it's a lot more, but overall the way I eat may not be the way others on low carb eat. Please take whatever is useful from my experience and recipes and ignore whatever I do/eat that doesn't fit into your particular plan. Should I decide to lose the rest of my weight at some point, I will do things differently and you will be the first to know :).)

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