Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catching Up - AGAIN! and Restaurants #lowcarb

Seems like life gets in the way of blogging every so often. Plus, when things are just going along smoothly, we're eating the usual things every day with not much new, it is hard to get inspired to blog about it. And that's about how things have been the last couple of weeks, it seems.

If I'm going to eat carbs, it is almost always at a restaurant. For some reason I have a mindset that restaurants are "special" and the rules don't apply. Of course I realize they do, I still use utensils instead of my fingers :) but when in a restaurant, I have an "it's ok, this is different" sort of mindset that I don't otherwise have.

Overcoming that is sometimes done by compromise. "If I eat a big salad first, then veggies and meats, if I'm still hungry I'll have a potato skin with butter and sour cream!" That works at places like Ponderosa or Coyle's, both buffets.

Just a note here: I tend to do better at buffets. That seems backwards, but being able to "load up" my plate feels great. Doesn't matter that it's all low carb fare, it just feels good.

So we ate at Ponderosa early last week. I got a meal - only $1 more than the buffet but before it came I ate a big salad. Then the food came, and I had my meat. Then I scooped out the potato skin thoroughly, wrapped it around butter and sour cream, and it was great! (Most of the carbs in potatoes are in the white centers...but I'm sure you already know that.)

Not so well at the Chinese buffet this week. The peanut chicken got me. I need to learn how to make that at home, really. Then it won't be such a big weakness at the Chinese place.

Both times, those meals were the only meal of the day. I find myself doing that a lot more lately, not getting hungry, eating a meal mid-afternoon, maybe a small snack early evening or maybe not...then not getting hungry again until the next day.

I have a couple of dishes I've made, but will enter those as separate entries so that they're easier to find later.

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