Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I 8 Sun/Mon (2/21-22) #lowcarb

Sunday I had a string cheese stick before church but, for some reason, was famished after church so got a $1 double burger at McD's drive thru on the way home. (Hint: if you live where there are seagulls, they love the buns!) For supper I made a fish dinner, photo below. The sauce is simply mayo with a little dill weed, a splash of lemon juice, a sprinkle of Old Bay, and a little cream to thin it out. I also roasted (with olive oil and sea salt) a mixture of parsnips, zucchini, and brussels sprouts, and made my lovely cole slaw.* For an evening snack I ate the remainder of the Veggie Straws. (Note to self: Find a way to make something similar at home, and save the $.)

Re: the fish - This is ocean perch from GFS. The box says that it is 20gN for "1-2 pieces" which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. But it fits well into my budget and "cheap'n'easy" life. I've mentioned previously that we like to go out for the AYCE fish fries on Friday evenings? For the 2 of us, it's about $20 a visit. I rarely eat more than 2 pieces anyway. For this box of MOST-EXCELLENT fish, out of which we get 6 meals (2 pieces for me and 3 for Pete each meal), it is $19.95. And I can fry up some crunchy root vegetables, or roast, or whatever...and make up a big bowl of my delicious cole slaw that I like better than any other anyway. I just don't know about that strange carb count as listed on the box. However, even if I only eat half of the coating on the fish at the restaurant, I probably eat more carbs than that. So we can have a really great fish dinner at home, for fewer carbs (even if I don't know exactly how many), and a LOT less $. Then we have our "dates" that don't revolve around food...but that's a topic for another post :).

OK, what I 8 Monday - another one-meal day: Roasted chicken breast with olive oil rubbed on the flesh under the skin before roasting, seasoned only with sea salt, plus the leftover roasted vegetables and cole slaw from Sunday. And a bowl of heavily buttered popcorn for an evening snack. The chicken breast was on sale for $1.29/lb. I usually get thighs or leg quarters because we love the dark meat but I thought the breasts would be different for a change...

*My cole slaw recipe - I buy great big bags of shredded cabbage at GFS for under 5 bucks. Using some of that, I add a sauce of mayo/cream (3/1 ratio, approx.) which I whip - then a generous amount of seasoned salt and splenda to taste. Simple, and whipping it helps keep the dressing from running to the bottom of the bowl.

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