Friday, February 26, 2010

Today's Shopping List

THIS is what happens when I'm not a really careful shopper. Today I was in a bit of a hurry, and made the choice to get everything at one store rather than go to my usual several stores for the things I needed. You will see a difference from the shopping lists I've posted in the past (which is why I'm posting this one as a contrast):

(2) ½ gallons SF Blue Bunny Ice Cream @ $3.78 each
(1) 34 oz. can Maxwell House Daily Brew @ $6.00
(1) carton sea salt @ $1.56
(1) 32 oz. jar mayo @ $2.42*
(2) quart cartons heavy cream @ $2.98 each*
(4) quarts half'n'half @ $1.50 each*
(1) bag granulated sucralose @ $5.46*
(1) bottle Heinz S Ketchup @ 2.16
(2) 32 oz jar Ragu NSA sauce @ $1.86
(2) 8 oz. shredded italian cheese blend @ $2.12 each*
(1) 24-pack string cheese @ $5.88
(1) half-gallon 2% milk (for my daughter) @ $1.98
(2) quarts Soy Slender SF chocolate soy milk @ $1.76 each
(4) 4 oz. cans shitake mushrooms @ $0.76 each
(2) 18-packs large eggs @ $2.22 each
(1) gallon canola oil @ $6.54*

* = store brand

Total = $71.98

This is sort of a fill-in shopping to get us through until our next big one where we load up on the meats and frozen veggies.

I haven't been posting every shopping trip because it gets kind of redundant after a while; I pretty much buy the same things every month...if someone asks or is interested, though, I can go back to posting them. Otherwise I will just figure up the costs of some of the meals to stay on the "Cheap'n'Easy" track :).


  1. Where do you normally shop?
    I haven't heard of this Soy Slender SF chocolate soy milk. I normally purchase the Silk Chocolate Soy Milk. I know it has Cane Juice for sweetener but I "hope" thats better than actual sugar.. LOL

  2. Locally, I first go to Sav-a-Lot for standard stuff. Even though Walmart recently undercut their prices, I still buy most of my dairy, meat, condiments, and fresh produce at SaL. Then I buy from the sale flyer at Glen's, a regional chain that is obscenely expensive except for some - not all - of their sales. Then I go to Walmart for the rest, including the Soy Slender. Which, BTW, tastes really rich with the addition of a splash of heavy cream added :). (It's not in the fridge with the other soy milk products.)

    Once or twice a month we drive an hour or so to one of the larger towns so we can shop at Meijer and GFS.

    And cane juice is really just sugar, sorry to say :(.