Saturday, April 3, 2010

What I 8 Friday (4/2/10) #lowcarb

I munched on some bacon in the morning, and had a grilled burger and a grilled hot dog in the afternoon. For an evening snack I had a couple more grilled hot dogs, with just a little SF ketchup.

I'm not a fan of hot dogs, usually. But put them on the grill and let 'em go until they are crispy and starting to get black and I'm a sucker for 'em. Grilling season in our house means the Koegel franks in the skins - oh yeah, baby! (Yes, there is a gram of sugar in each one, and I'm not thrilled about the sodium nitrate's a choice we each make for ourselves.)

Today will be steaks on the grill early in the day, and something light later. I'm about to go have some of the heavy-cream-yogurt I made a few days ago. Very thick, thicker than pudding, and oh-so-decadent tasting!

Eating mostly fats and proteins I don't get hungry very often, and definitely don't get that gnawing "gotta eat NOW!" feeling.

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