Saturday, May 1, 2010

What i 8 Friday (4/30) #lowcarb

Some fish with mayo, and splurged on about a dozen waffle fries but took my carb blocker first, FWIW...later had some cole slaw for a snack.

Yeah, that's all I ate all day...

Tomorrow - well, I guess it's after midnight so it's today now - is my mom's birthday. We're going to take her to lunch at Coyle's, a local landmark. I have a hard time resisting the homemade cinnamon raisin bread on the bar there, and usually don't even bother trying. I only go to Coyle's once every few months. We'll see how I do with it tomorrow :). The one thing about Coyle's is that, even back when I had more of an appetite, I only ate one meal when I ate there. Now that I don't have much of an appetite it will still be one meal but a smaller one I'm sure!


  1. I'm assuming you find them effective if you take carb blockers, but my experience (a long time ago) was that they didn't work. Which one do you use?

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  3. The best one I've found is made my Applied Nutrition, they are get caps, but I can't find them locally anymore, so I use Carb Intercept which is all I can find around here. They don't work as well.

    After using the gel caps I get no "symptoms" after eating starches (my weakness), such as indigestion, headache, gas/bloating. After using the Carb Intercept I get mild "symptoms" but I figure it's better than nothing.

    They only work, of course, for inhibiting starch digestion, not sugars. And I use them rarely, as a backup to my occasional caving in to temptation, not as a "diet plan"...although I know someone who has used them without changing her diet, and still lost 30-some pounds. But that really defeats the purpose of the low carb lifestyle and overall, lifelong health benefits, IMHO...

    (I deleted the above post because the link didn't work right and I couldn't see where to edit I started over.)