Friday, October 8, 2010

LC's Cheap'n'Easy, QUICK Lunch - #lowcarb

I didn't set out to make my 18MO grandson a lowcarb lunch, but given what I have in the house, that's the way it worked out. And it is SO GOOD that from now on it will be another meal idea for "Ugma" and "Umpa" too!

I put some EVOO and butter into a pan on a hot burner. While it was heating I took my julienne peeler to a yellow squash and made some "squashetti". Put it in the pan, on high, and let it sizzle until it started to brown around the edges while I diced a small piece of leftover ham. Stirred the squashetti, added the ham, and stirred - still on high - for about a minute until the ham pieces also started to color. Put it on a plate, sprinkled with a little parmesan (he likes anything with parmesan!) from the green can, and he's LOVING IT! Of course I tasted it too :) and I think it would taste great with just about kind of meat in it. And I'd toss a few chopped tomatoes in at the end as well...and probably do some thin-sliced red onion with the squashetti...

But the baby loves it and it took less than 10 minutes start to finish! He watched me, perched safely away from the heat on the countertop, as I described everything I was doing as I always do when I do anything in the kitchen while babysitting, and he couldn't wait to try it. We love cooking and baking "together"...


  1. just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your posts,thank you so much!

  2. I love this. Caleb loves my healthy food too. It is so great to know that even though he probably gets chicken nuggets on a regular basis that at least once a week he is healthy all healthy at my house.