Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So I Had Some Tater Tots... #lowcarb Sonic last month when on my weekend away with hubby, and have wanted more ever since. (That's the thing about cheats - even planned cheats - is that you have to have an iron will to get back on plan immediately and not look back! Thank God for my stubbornness - lol)

My favorite subs for taters in most recipes are root vegetables, or root vegetables mixed with cauli. I don't know, it just seems that the cauli flavor is too strong. But I found a recipe and a discussion about lowcarb tots, and definitely will be making these. Only difference is, I will probably use a 50/50 mix of cauli and daikon for the "potato" and will use onion powder instead of garlic...or maybe both!

Just used my last daikon though. I haven't done a big grocery shopping in months. When there's a big sale on meats, I fill the freezer ($1.19/lb for the big country pork ribs for example - $40 worth in there now!), and had enough frozen vegetables to last through the summer since I'd pick up some lovely summer fresh vegetables when I was out; ditto with dairy. But all of my little $20-40 trips have still added up to about $300-350 for the month each month, which is all I ever allow in the budget. (exception: my once-a-year big online orders from and Still eating well, still eating cheap, I just haven't bothered to put all of my purchases here because frankly, I never got any feedback that anybody even read or used all that info :).

Back to tots: here is the LCF discussion. And after I get another daikon I will give it a shot.

Meanwhile, my seasonal job ends this month, and after that I will have more time to mess around in the kitchen - and to blog :).

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