Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NICE #Lowcarb Supper Tonight!

Tonight's supper was light and delicious! I seasoned and pan-fried cod, and served it with a cole slaw that I'd made earlier today - cole slaw is always better after sitting a while in the fridge, right? For the slaw, I used a bag of slaw mix, and made a dressing in a shaker bottle of full-fat mayo, cream, a couple drops of liquid sucralose, paprika, seasoned salt, and celery seed. For the baby corn, which doesn't taste very sweet straight from the can, I rinsed it, and heated it thoroughly (until it started to soften; as fibrous as it is, this took a while!) in butter and onion powder, with a half-packet of truvia and a little sea salt. It was really sweet and delicious this way!

In the old days, before my surgery, this would be about half of a meal for me. Now, though, it's definitely a complete meal, and all I can manage.

Earlier in the day I'd had a ground beef patty with a smidge of low-sugar ketchup. For my evening snack I had a slice of my lovely loaf, heavily buttered, with a schmear of peanut butter, then folded in half; growing up, we called this type of sandwich a foldover :).

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