Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rich and Decadent-Tasting #LowCarb Supper!

When I eat something really rich and sweet and salty all at the same time, I don't think "diet food" - well, I do now, but until the last 7 years I didn't! But tonight is the proof that this is indeed great food for my healthy way of eating!

I started out with a couple of big fat boneless country pork ribs, each about 1-1/2" thick. After seasoning them heavily with garlic and onion powder and sea salt I seared them in a pan with a little hot olive oil. (I had just used the last of my bacon fat earlier today, dangit!) Then I covered them and turned them down to medium low and went on to other things. Over an hour later I started thinking about my supper - normally I cook by smell, I have a nose like a bloodhound, but right I have a cold so it cooked longer than it otherwise would have - I took the lid off and lifted out this AMAZING pork rib meat! The seasonings on the bottom, with the fats in the pan from the meat, had developed this delightful sticky crunchy crust, and the rest of the meat just fell apart when it saw my fork approaching, it was that tender! That crust was so rich and flavorful that I felt like I was really eating something special!

I'm still eating on that big bowl of cole slaw I made yesterday - or was it the day before? - and with something this rich I needed a little sweetness. (I used to always eat my pork with fruit, for the sweet taste.) So I sprinkled some xylitol, maybe 1/2 tsp, over it and stirred it in...

There is no way to describe the way that first bite gave such pleasure to my mouth...the rich, slightly salty/garlicky/oniony warm tender meat with the intensely flavorful chewy/crunchy crust with the cold crispy sweet/creamy cole slaw, exploding with that rich mix of flavors and textures and temperatures and sensations all at once as I bit into it...well, it is just impossible to describe! Although there is no experience like the first bite of something so amazing, each successive bite renewed the happy feelings in my mouth and never disappointed...

This was an easy meal, and a cheap meal...but every bit as wonderful as the most expensive dinner I've ever had! I took a photo of it (which doesn't do justice of course...the slaw lacks color and the meat looks way darker in the picture) but I was only able to eat half of this meal and I am plenty full.

What an experience!!!

P.S. To complete my daily food listing, I had a ground beef patty with low-carb ketchup for breakfast, and a 16g/N South Beach bar for an afternoon snack. I doubt if I will need a snack tonight, I'm sure I'll be full until morning, now...

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