Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Golly, THAT was a strange #lowcarb lunch!

But it was really good :).

I have really been craving fat lately, and it doesn't get a whole lot fattier than this:

I hard-boiled some eggs, and mixed up some tuna with loads of full-fat mayo. (Can you even BUY tuna in oil anymore? I haven't seen it in ages!) Then I chopped the eggs in with the tuna, and tossed it with a bunch of finely-chopped lettuce that I had to use up before it started to go bad. And I spooned it onto pork rinds. It was surprisingly wonderful - go figure eh?


  1. I left you an award on my blog if you want it.

  2. Thank you Grace2882! I really appreciate it! I will look through my subscriptions and would love to pass it on :).

  3. Sounds like an awesome low carb lunch!