Friday, December 23, 2011

#LowCarb Sweetening

Is it me, or is the term "artificial sweetener" really misleading? I watch a LOT of cooking videos, especially lowcarb or diabetic, and that term is used frequently, to mean "sugar substitute". Not only are many people turned off by eating "artificial" anything, but many sugar subs aren't artificial at all. Natural sweeteners like xylitol or stevia aren't artificial at all, but are referred to as if they were, and that does them an injustice - as well as the whole lowcarb community. Many, if not most, of us eat mainly whole foods, and don't eat much artificial anything, but those who think we do have another excuse to bash our healthy lifestyle.

Please folks, get it right!

Just sayin'... :)


  1. INTERESTING point - well made!
    Happy Holidays to you - by the way!

  2. Thank you Anne, and a Merry Christmas and very happy and healthy new year to you :). (You're lookin' darned good, BTW!)