Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stuffed Squash #food #lowcarb

I admit that I am a food video junkie. I can't get enough. They don't have to be lowcarb, even. I always learn something from them...or, at the very least, drool.

One of my favorites is Chef John. I had made stuffed squash a few nights ago, and it was delicious! Then the very next day, he posted a video for stuffed squash! Mine was very basic, consisting of ground sausage browned with onion and tossed with plenty of parmesan. (The next time I think I will add diced tomatoes also.) I split, cleaned, and cooked the squash about 75% in the microwave while browning the meat and onion, then stuffed it, topped with more cheese, and put it in the oven for a further 30 minutes or so. Very basic. Yet delicious. I don't get too fancy with stuff, but it always tastes good.

Anyway, his recipe uses rice. I don't think I will do anything different the next time I make mine except for the aforementioned tomatoes, but the whole faux rice thing (cauliflower) does sound good as well. Too bad cauliflower is so pricey, especially at this time of year. Maybe I can half-thaw some frozen and "rice" it in my food processor...yes, that might be a good addition after all.

I don't know what kind of squash I used. It is about the size and shape of acorn, but it is ivory in color, and the flesh inside is just as pale - nearly white. It didn't matter when I bought it, as I have yet to meet a squash I didn't like. But it was very very mild, milder than acorn, and was a nice complement to the spicier sausage.

Winter squashes are considered to be pretty carby by most, and indeed they are carbier than their summer counterparts. However they have such amazing nutritional profiles that I eat them anyway, and they've never caused me to gain weight, or even to stop losing. I'm truly a squash lover and don't intend to change :).

And now, after midnight, I find myself wanting to go roast up a nice little squash for a snack. I think it's time for bed...but I know what I'll be fixing tomorrow! :)

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