Sunday, December 4, 2011

When the Cupboard is Bare: #Lowcarb Challenge Day 7 - And Beyond!

We made it through the day, grazing on what was left. No big meals, just a little of this and a little of that, supplemented by popcorn - lol.

I was totally excited about Friday and being able to shop. Did I mention that my minpin hurt his back late Wednesday night? Well, I had $150 set aside to shop on Friday...but a vet bill knocked that down to $60. I stocked up on our dairy - cheeses, half'n'half, butter - and picked up a few things for meals: a pot roast, some frozen pizzas (Pete loves them, about 100gN/each, I eat half of one and don't eat any more carbs for the day; this has never caused me to gain), and fish. We've eaten the fish, cooked and nibbled the roast to death, and still have the pizzas. And a bunch of dairy :).

Stopped at the store again last night, and got a big ham and a bunch of chicken, for about $30. That will get us through this week, along with the remainder of our frozen vegetables. I also got some rutabagas. And today is a potluck at church, which I always cook a nice main dish for, but I am sick and not up for cooking, so last night I also picked up a 3# bag of chicken wings in some sort of asian sauce that I will make and take. Not even sure if we'll stay for the potluck, as I'm pretty miserable and will probably come home and go to bed. But we'll see...

As the bills are paid and the gas tank is filled, if/when we end up with a few $ here or there, I will add to the larder. I won't be stocking up as much as we had before all this since we're living on one income in the winter, but we're doing just fine, and I'm pleased at how our Bare Cupboard week turned out!


  1. I went a whole month without shopping... trying to eat the stuff from the fridge before it turns bad! Do-able for sure!

  2. Yup, this was the last week of my month, and as you see it went fine :). I was a tad concerned to see all that emptiness but it all worked out in the end!