Thursday, December 1, 2011

When the Cupboard is Bare: #Lowcarb Challenge Day 6

Almost there! Yesterday - day 6 (I didn't have time to blog last night) - we did fine. For breakfast/lunch I made pancakes. Not in the plan, but my grandson wanted macaroni and cheese or hot dogs, neither of which I had in the house, and I knew he loved pancakes and we had Carbquik so that's what I made. Mine were heavily buttered with just a little SF syrup...his were more syrupy.

Hubby had popcorn when he got home from work, and ate leftovers later in the afternoon; he and I ate supper at 11 p.m. before he went to work. I made the last steak in the freezer, which we split, and a big sheet pan of roasted cauliflower. I'm out of olive oil so I had to use Crisco oil (yuck!) to coat them, then tossed with seasonings and parmesan cheese (the "green can" kind) and it was one of the best suppers - if not THE best - this week!

Today is day 7 and we not only survived but I think we ate pretty well!

Another bonus to eating without grocery shopping is that our big chest freezer in the garage is empty, so we won't be paying to keep that monster running until I get the opportunity to build up my stock of meats and vegetables to the overflow point; meanwhile my freezer here in the house can contain a couple of weeks' worth at least, and I will use that. I planned a large grocery shopping for tomorrow, but 2 things happened: I was asked to work, and also my dog injured his back. The vet can see him tomorrow morning but the vet bill is an unexpected expense. Since we don't "do" credit (Romans 13:8), I will have to get the $ for the vet bill by taking from other planned expenditures from tomorrow's paycheck...that's how it goes in the wintertime when I'm not working full-time, but it's ok, God always supplies our needs and I am grateful and thankful!

So hopefully we can do some shopping tomorrow evening, I will be done with work, and will know what I have to work with after paying the vet bill. Meanwhile, we still have popcorn - lol!

(Seriously, I still have a few eggs, some chicken, 2 chubs of sausage, several packages of frozen vegetables, butter, a little half'n'half..and plenty of Carbquik - hahaha!)

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