Sunday, November 27, 2011

When The Cupboard is Bare: #Lowcarb Challenge Day #3

Good day today! Before church I had a sausage patty "sandwich" on one of last night's Carbquik biscuits split in half. Mid-afternoon I had supper of a chicken thigh, green beans, some squash, and a small spoonful of the leftover cranberry sauce from Thursday. I stopped on the way home from church and bought some squash, it is sale-priced at 59c/lb from a local business that will be closing for the winter in a couple of weeks. So we'll be eating some of that most days. (It's one of those carbier foods that's so nutritionally dense that I indulge in about 1/2c of it when I prepare it.)

Tonight if I get the munchies - as I surely will - I will either make some cheese chips, or else I'll have more heavily buttered popcorn. Today didn't feel challenging after all! And only 4 more days to go, for Friday we shop! :)

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