Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When the Cupboard is Bare: #Lowcarb Challenge Day 5

I'll post again at the end of the day but I just wanted to share with you my super-cheap breakfast/lunch meal for today...and I actually remembered to take a picture :).

First, I had purchased a bunch of brown-and-serve-type sausages during a 10/$10 sale. Yes, full of all kinds of nasty chemicals, I know...but handy to have around for something quick - especially when my husband gets home from work in the morning, or when we're rushing around to get somewhere and don't want to be tempted with fast food, or whatever. So when there's a sale like that, I get 10 boxes that I thought were used up. Then yesterday when I was digging through the drawer at the bottom of my freezer (side by side, so it was near the floor) for some vegetables I saw a box of sausage patties that had slipped behind the shelves and fallen back behind that drawer! Since I couldn't get to it, this morning I had my 30MO grandson dig it out for me...and that was the "inspiration" for today's breakfast/lunch.

I laid the patties out on the bottom of a greased pyrex cake dish, then put some cubes of sharp cheese around them. In a bowl I whisked together 5 eggs and some half'n'half and had planned to stop there but really wanted a little more substance so I stirred in about 1/2c of Carbquik (about the only thing I have a lot of this week!). Poured that over the sausages and cheese and baked it for about 45 minutes at 325.

It was WAY good! I mean really REALLY good!

The next time - tomorrow maybe, when I use one of my ground sausage chubs I have left - I will try something a little different: I'll cook/crumble the sausage first of course, them probably just mix it with the eggs/half'n'half/Carbquik, and fry it as "cakes" on my griddle. And pour SF maple syrup over them! And now I can't wait, it sounds so good!

I will post again later tonight if things change, but right now I'm planning pork chops, fried cabbage, and roasted cauliflower for supper. Pete likes to eat a bowl of popcorn before he goes to work so I'll probably have one too. Thus will end day 5, with only 2 more days to go, and not totally out of food yet! :)

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