Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What I 8... #lowcarb

Sunday was some lovely chuck steak that was on its sell by date, and was $2.00 off the package. We had salad with it (the pre-mixed greens that I'd bought for 2/$1.00). Just one meal.

Monday was chicken, mushrooms, chinese vegetables (cabbage, sprouts), and some sugar-free chocolate ice cream as a snack.

Tuesday/today was another one-meal day, consisting of pork chops marinated, with butternut squash medallions, and salad. Also had some veggie straws as a snack.

I'm not feeling much better these days, still having the same issues I wrote about a few days ago, and the constant pain and difficulty getting around affects my appetite; I don't get hungry, or I don't want to deal with the pain caused by going to the kitchen and preparing food.

Recipes - for the marinade: dijon mustard, a few shakes of sesame oil, a few shakes of soy sauce, and a few shakes of liquid smoke, plus onion and garlic powder, ginger, sea salt, cinnamon, and diabetisweet brown sugar sub; marinated for 3 hours at room temp, then roasted on a rack @ 375 for 25 minutes. For the squash medallions, I peeled and sliced a butternut squash, then tossed the slices with olive oil, sea salt, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a touch of diabetisweet brown sugar sub. Layed the slices on a large sheet pan and roasted them at 425F for 20 minutes, then 375F for 25 minutes after I put the pork in the oven. I turned the medallions once, also at the time I put the pork in the oven.

Pork was $1.29/lb; our package was $2.37 and fed 4 adults with some left over. The squash was 69c/lb and cost under $1.00 (don't remember exactly how much); also fed 4 adults with some left over. Used a 50c bag of mixed greens. Add the salad dressing and seasonings for another $1 - a VERY liberal guesstimate, I'm sure it wasn't nearly that much - and all 4 of us had a great meal for about $5.00 total.

(Have I dispelled the "low carb is so expensive!" myth yet? :).)

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