Monday, May 10, 2010

What I 8 Today (May 10) - Chicken Patties Recipe #lowcarb

For lunch I had a couple pieces of leftover roasted pork on romaine salad with buttermilk ranch dressing.

For supper I had 2 small chicken patties and steamed broccoli, with alfredo sauce. The sauce is made from a can of alfredo mix I got at GFS. I don't use it often, but the chicken patties turned out just a tad dry and they needed something, this was really quick as, of course, I didn't realize they were dry until I was just about to serve them.

Here is how I made them: put about a cupful of cooked chicken into the processor and processed until it was smooth; stirred in 2 eggs and about 1/4c of parmesan cheese; lightly made small (walnut-sized) balls which I pressed flat, then fried in a little olive oil until they were browned and crispy. I got 12 little patties. They were actually quite wonderful with the alfredo sauce on them, but the next time I will plan ahead and make my sauce instead of using the mix.

Then I had a CarbSmart ice cream bar.

Now to report on this month's grocery another post :).

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