Thursday, October 6, 2011

CAMPING! #lowcarb

We'll be going camping with some people from our church soon. This is always a challenge, especially when they break out the s'mores, but I'm hoping we can do well anyway. One thing while camping, I don't want to carry a whole grocery store with us, nor do I want a lot of work and time involved in food. So here's the plan:

I'm making a bunch of flatbreads. Last night was the first time I made them, and they turned out really well! (Who knew they were so EASY??? And LOTS cheaper than store-bought, and lower in carbs!) Next time I will just roll them a little thinner and make the dough not quite so stiff, but other than that they were/are great! I'm also making cheese chips, pepperoni chips, hard-boiled eggs, pork rinds, and tuna salad. I'll make up a simple dip for the rinds and chips with salsa and sour cream, we can also put this on our hot dogs and our tuna salad sandwiches. A batch of chocolate cookies for our sweet tooth is a must. And lastly, I'll make some breakfast "muffins" with eggs, spinach, bacon, and cheese. For reheating, we'll have our portable grill (with an warming upper rack) and foil. I have an old-fashioned stove-top drip coffee pot to use on the grill as well. And I'll splurge on a 24-pack of drinking water. Of course I'll have lowcarb ketchup, mustard, cream (for coffee), and a baggie of chopped onions for dressing up everything.

I believe this will sustain us for 2 days, and if we have plenty of easy, grab'n'eat lowcarb options with us we will be less likely to eat carby foods that others may offer us. My goals are easy - not sloppy - needing few utensils - no, or next-to-no, prep time and effort - enough variety and quantity to enable us to fight carby temptations.

After the trip I will post how it went, and what I will change for next time. If you have any ideas, I'd be happy to hear them!

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