Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some October Shopping #lowcarb #frugal

I bought a few things that I don't consider "frugal", because I want to take them camping, or because my husband specially requested them. He works so hard that I don't say no to anything, and he isn't extravagant anyway :).

I spent $20.64 at Walmart, for cheese, SF treats (peanuts, chocolate - <$5), and 3 half-gallons of half'n'half.

Sav-a-Lot has gotten a lot of business from me this month, as they were running their 10/$10 sale, plus I got some meats at a good price, so I added to my freezer. (I still have about 1/3 of the meat I bought at Steve's last month.) Today I spent $100.94 there. The 10/$10 items I bought included 5 dozen large eggs, 3 packages of pepperoni, 5 brown'n'serve* links and patties, 4 frozen pizzas*, and five 12 oz. rolls of pork sausage. I also got fresh produce, butter, canned tomatoes, mushrooms, and tomato paste, shredded cheese, decaf coffee, a 24-pack of water for the camping trip, 9# of english cut roast (my favorite cut of beef) for $2.79/lb,, 11# of chicken leg quarters for $0.79/lb, and almost 5# of pork sirloin chops for $1.69/lb.

*These are prepared foods that my husband likes to have on hand. If I'm not hungry or not available to cook or whatever, he enjoys having something quick. The pizzas (1 is a complete meal for him) are less than 60gN carbs, and the sausages are 1-2gN each - it isn't the carb counts that are so important to me, it is the junk that is in prepared foods. But, as I said earlier, there are a few things he likes once in a while, and I don't deny him :).

I also spent $12.19 on 5# of pre-cut and pre-cooked chicken breast strips. These ARE a splurge, and I know it. They just make my life easier, as I can make up a quick chicken salad or sandwich, toss some onto a salad, create a quick casserole around them, snack on them dipped in ranch dressing, or give them to my grandson to tide him over until supper. At nearly $2.50/lb it is expensive for chicken breasts - but maybe not when they've saved me the work of cooking and cutting and are so handy for quick use on busy days.

Our larders are pretty full, although if I see another sale, I'll buy anyway :).

Now I think I'll go toss together a salad for my supper with the marked-down bag of fresh spinach and some of those chicken strips! :)

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