Tuesday, October 16, 2012

YOWSER! Today's #Lowcarb Lunch - YUM!

I don't even know what to call this - all I know is that it is SO GOOD! Love the moist bready-ness of it all...anyway, I will get on with the "recipe" -

Important: have everything ready before you start. You want a crust on the bottom but not a layer of burnt egg!

In a bowl lightly scramble a half-dozen eggs. Into another bowl shred about 3/4c of your favorite cheese. (I used colby-jack - if you are into spicy, a pepper jack would probably be great, can't wait to try a really sharp cheddar too!) In a 3rd bowl, mix a cup of CarbQuik, 2Tbsp of sour cream, a Tbsp of oil (I used olive), and about 1/4c of cream. Obviously this will be too dry to mix well - start adding hot water, a little at a time, until you achieve biscuit-dough consistency. Then add some more to thin it out a bit; don't turn it into a batter, but you want it a little bit spreadable.

Now, melt a half-stick of butter (not fake, the real thing!) in a saute pan, then set the heat to a titch below medium - I used my 10" pan. Once it is melted, there should be about 1/8" or a little more in the bottom; add the eggs, then most of the shredded cheese spread evenly over the eggs, then the thinner-than-biscuit-dough, spread as evenly as possible over the cheese. (If it isn't perfect don't worry!)

Cover, and walk away. In about 12 minutes, uncover to check the biscuits - you will see that they rose (thank you, sour cream!) and spread more evenly across the entire top. If they are done or almost done quickly sprinkle with the remaining cheese, some dark smoky paprika, and some parsley (or herbs of your choice); re-cover the pan to retain the heat, turn off the burner, and walk away again. In about 5-7 minutes, it will all be done.

If it all went according to plan, you will return to find a lovely fluffy moist biscuit covering a layer of gooey cheese over a layer of lovely egg atop a nicely browned buttery egg crust on the bottom. I just ate seconds (which I never do!) of this delight, and am already thinking of how I can beef it up even more! Right now thinking about chopped (pre-cooked) bacon and fresh spinach, maybe some green onion or well-drained/patted-dry tomato pieces, fresh mushrooms, (pre-cooked) ground sausage...I would think that just about anything (not too wet!) would sit well on top of those eggs and under the cheese! My only hesitation would be if the cooking time were increased by much, the lovely bottom crust would become a layer of black char on the bottom of the pan! So I'm thinking "go light" on any additions.


  1. If you're thinking about how to beef it up, how about beef as in precooked drained hamburger. LOL Sounds good

    1. That sounds really good, Wyn! And some chopped onion...maybe chopped/drained tomato...would be kind of like a cheeseburger! Can't wait to try it :). Thanks!