Tuesday, October 16, 2012

#Lowcarb Boredom - Meal Ideas - 10/12-15

I didn't cook much over the weekend. Of course Friday evening we went out for our fish dinner - Saturday we were down in the Midland area and ate there for lunch with leftovers for supper. Sunday we had a potluck after church.

Sunday night I did cook though. We had some catfish in the freezer that needed to be used up, so I made fish cakes with it. Having never used catfish for those before I wasn't sure how they'd taste but we both really liked them! After thawing, I put the filets in the food processor with an egg, some seafood seasoning, some CarbQuik, some parmesan, and some golden flax meal. Then I formed loose patties and dropped them into hot oil in a frying pan (medium-high setting), frying each side until crispy. They were delicious! I fixed my onion-coated fried green beans with them.

Yesterday I ate some sweet potato for lunch. I had bought 3 heads of cauliflower when we were down in Midland Saturday for $1.19 each (less than half of what we pay here!), so I cut off all the florets and roasted those last night with just some olive oil and sea salt. I fried some sliced chuck roast in butter and olive oil (just like fried steak), and we had some of the cauliflower with it; I tossed the cauli with some onion and garlic powders, and parmesan cheese. It was a wonderful meal!

Today I'm about to fry up some eggs for lunch, maybe make some toast with one-minute bread. For supper I have some country pork ribs defrosting, I'll cut them into chunks, coat them with a packet of ranch dressing mix/CarbQuik, and fry them up with a couple of onions; when I was roasting the cauliflower last night I also roasted a squash since I had the oven on anyway - we'll have that with the pork and onions. I may throw some brussels sprouts in too, since we love the combination of pork/onions/sprouts so much. Yeah, I think I'll do that...

We are getting low on meat now, so time to get down to Harrison to Steve's and load up! The 36# of meat we bought on Sept 8 will have lasted us about 6 weeks. Maybe Saturday I'll get down there...until then we have another package of pork, another chunk of chuck steak, and a couple packages of smoked sausages...we won't starve by any means :).

OH OH OH OH!! I just thought of what I'll make for supper tomorrow, can't wait, it'll be so great...I have a few summer squash left, I can slice those up (on a diagonal of course, for nice wide slices) with some of the smoked sausage (also sliced on a diagonal) and toss in some other veggies from the freezer, a chopped onion...fry it all up together...and I'll make some biscuits - probably just with Carbquik but will load 'em up with shredded cheese and chili powder - to go with. Doesn't that sound great???

I get so excited about shopping and cooking and eating - but moreso than even eating it is one way I show love for the people for whom I'm creating and cooking!

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